Where the city is dirty but the people are not
(Street style, fashion, and life in Richmond, Virginia)

Britt Sebastian
Student / Fashion Designer

Tell me about your current line…

This line is mostly inspired from global influences. The red jacket is made from a French military parachute that I ordered from offline. I like using synthetic material for the jackets because it creates more of an industrial feel to the designs.

How did you decide on the name Hollywood Cemetery?

We were playing around with a bunch of names. I wanted it to say Richmond without saying Richmond. A lot of inspiration came from growing up here, living here, and the culture in Richmond. If you are from Richmond you will know the importance of Hollywood Cemetery, but if you aren’t, you may just think it’s a really tight name.

How long have you been designing?

I started working for a jean company two years ago in Raleigh, NC. I was doing ads for them, but as more orders started coming in, they needed more help so I started doing simple things and eventually, by the end of the summer I could make a pair of jeans on my own. The hoodies, bags, jackets, and screen printing were all self-taught. I’ve always loved to design and engineer, but I never had an outlet for it. For me, fashion has become that outlet.

What has been the most challenging thing to design?

Learning how to make a jacket. There was a trick to it that I didn’t know. Once I learned that I eventually caught on to it and everything started to come together a lot more smoothly.

Any future plans for Hollywood Cemetery?

I’m going to create sample pieces from the strongest pieces of this line, along with a few more in the future, and eventually start getting some stuff into stores.

Britt Sebastian will debut his first Hollywood Cemetery collection at Henry Gallery (212 West Broad Street) this Friday, March 5 during First Friday’s Art Walk. For more info, email Britt at brittsebastian@mac.com.

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